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Scott's background in the construction industry started in 2002. Just like the generations before him, he was driven to serve the community. He is proud of the mentors in our family and the work ethics they have instilled. Marie's background started in the construction and building trade in 1999. Working for the government, as well as residential and commercial construction. Farragut Flooring is proud to be part of this community!


For years our family has been in the building and construction trades. We have had wonderful influences in our life over the years. Below, we wanted to share those influences that have made us who we are and the standards our company follows today. We are proud and excited to provide our services to the Knoxville and surrounding communities. We are proud to have you meet our family!

Grandpa Weaver

Grandpa Weaver started as a young man in a saw mill. He soon began working for the McLean Building Company, building homes from the ground up. The homes he built way back in the day, still stand with beauty and integrity today. He was proud of the legacy that he left behind and the joy he brought to families.


Papa worked 32 years as a a foreman. He was no stranger to hard work. He was a true believer that hard work and determination always pays off.


Pop returned from his time in the military ready to serve the community once again. Pop built his construction company that rang true for nearly 20 years.  Not to mention starting in construction and flooring since he was 24 years old.  Pop has always embedded, "Good work and honesty speaks volumes".  

Dad Jack

Uncle Hilton

Dad Jack also returned from his time in the military ready to serve the community once again. Jack built 2 companies in the construction trade. Dad's advice was "Customers come first. Without them, you are nothing. They depend on your honesty and good work ethic. You depend on their word of mouth." 

Uncle Hilton began his love of construction and flooring when he was just 15 years old. He sub contracted his work over a vast array of construction trades. A hard working individual that always believed in  putting your all in every project you do. "Be good to others and it will always come back to you and your family."

Dad Randel

Dad Randel worked in the flooring industry installing carpet for many years. He has always said, "It was hard work, there's no cutting corners. At the end of the day you can step back and see your hard work come to fruition. Look at what simple joy you have brought to your customer."

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